The fundamental problem in implementing 2D QR codes into any medium, especially yearbook, is two-fold:

1) Can you be sure the content properly displays on the devices that access it?

iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, Mac, Windows… how can you be sure  your content will display properly on ALL of these devices?  On top of that, how can you be sure that a person with a weak signal and a person with a strong signal are both able to enjoy your content?

Just because you throw something up on the web and create a link to it with a QR code does not mean it will necessarily work for all of your yearbook’s readers. That’s where our expertise comes in.

Yearbook Unlimited has the ability to take your content and process it for delivery to multiple devices. We also have the ability to deliver that content to devices with full wi-fi connections as well as to those with much weaker cell signals.

2) Will the content be accessible well into the future?

The other hurdle yearbook advisers must leap is the issue of permanence.  Yearbook advisers have a problem that most publishers of QR codes don’t have to face: yearbooks are intended to last a lifetime (and longer).

If you throw a video on your website today, who’s going to assure that your content will be valid 10, 20, 50 years from now? Remember the QR code is just like a link on a webpage. If the path to your content changes or if the place the content is stored shuts off the lights, your code will no longer work.

It is our commitment at Yearbook Unlimited to maintain all of your codes in perpetuity. We have the ability to keep all your content valid well into the future.

3)Have other questions or concerns?

We may have already addressed them. Check out our FAQ section next.