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What are QR Codes and How do They Work


What are 2D QR COdes?

QR codes are two dimensional codes that come in different types: QR codes, Datamatrix codes, and BeeTagg codes, among others.

No matter what the format, it is simplest to think of these as links -- just like on the web -- but these links are simple, printed, maze-like codes that bring information to those who scan them.

How do 2D QR COdes Work?

These codes can be read by a code reader (we recommend the i-nigma reader, or scanlife) on a mobile phone, but there is also a desktop qr reader.

By simply scanning the code with the phone (or desktop) camera, readers of your school yearbook will be whisked away to highlights from the championship game, or find themselves listening to a recording of the school’s concert band, or viewing a slideshow from a school event -- whatever you want them to experience.

see 2D QR COdes In action

Many of your questions about QR codes and our service may be answered in our FAQ.

Wikipedia, of course, is a great resource.

Read more about QR Codes, their history, and usage. Click the link above. Or... simply scan the code at the top of this page.

However, if you want the story of QR Codes straight from the creator, visit Denso-Wave’s site. Denso-Wave, a Toyota subsidiary, actually created the QR Code back in 1994!

Where Can I learn More?

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